The company Rathscheck is one of the largest distributors of high-quality slate in Europe. As design and aesthetics are built in their DNA, the company wanted to re-imagine themselves with a brand-new corporate design and a user-centric website to match. The result is a new website, that reacts to user needs, presents relevant information when needed and in-depth-content for the experts. 

Agency: Scholz & Friends  |  Client: Rathscheck  

Scope:  Digital Strategy, UX Design, Fine Concept

Rathscheck Website Relaunch


New Filters

Users are now able to look for distinct features in more of the 50 types to cover slate.

New Animations

The design and various micro-interactions really bring the website to life.

Content Generator

Users are able to find exactly what they are looking for in a guided search

All-In-One pages

Based on their expert-level, users can are presented high-level infos or in-depth information.

Let's make it holistic.

The new design didn't just affect the website, of course. It also spread out to brochures, the Rathscheck-logo and other offline and online media – giving the brand a totally new face. Well done us.