As Coffee is one of the most important parts of everyones morning routine. In order to promote the large variety of delicious Nespresso coffee that offers a unique flavour for every morning, we created a user-centric and digital-first campaign. We focus on the users, their individual morning routines and thereby creating special moments for our customers. 

Agency: Scholz & Friends  |  Client: Nespresso  

Scope:  Creative Concept, Digital Strategy, UX Design, Fine Concept


The coffee in the morning stands for a fresh start into the new day full of new experiences and adventures.

We celebrate this coffee moment as an opportunity to relax and prepare for the upcoming day. This is a very personal moment that only belongs to you – so turn it into something special with Nespresso.


Every morning is different and a very personal aspect of the day. And so is the coffee that goes along with it. With the wide variety of original Nespresso products, every customer is able to enjoy the coffee specialty that suits his morning routine: My Morning. My Coffee. My Nespresso. 


We want to showcase that the large variety of Nespresso products is able to enrich every morning: From a short kickstart to an excessively relaxed morning routine – our coffee specialties cater to every need of the customer and make it easy to create a truly personal morning. 


The landingpage was served as a campaign hub that answered all the user´s questions, promote the products and let users find out the perfect combination for their individual morning routines.  


Based on the chronotypes by scientist Otto Graf that describe different types of sleep- and morning personas, we developed our own personas for the campaign and connected them to the various Nespresso product lines and coffee specialties. In order to create an even more personal connection, the personas were represented by various German influencers.